Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee
Jukkendo Black Belt
Judo Black Belt

I have been the acting “sotodeshi” under sensei Bunasawa. My judo credentials include USA Judo national referee, US Judo Association national coach, and International Jukkendo Federation Instructor certification.

I became a member of US Judo Federation nanka yudanshakai (Southern California judo black belt association) in 1996. I was reintroduced to judo when my children started to learn judo. Jessica (16) is a silver medalist, and David (13) is a two-times medalist at USJA/USJF Jr. Winter National championship.

My martial arts studies began in Korea. I attended Taekwondo Odokwan, Yongsan HQ. I got introduced to judo by my older cousins. They were strong, heavy-weight yudo players. They used me to practice at home. I did not enjoy being thrown or choked because they hurt. So I self-invented judo moves to use against them.  When I tried my judo moves during a TKD class, the TKD instructor moved me to his judo class. He encouraged me to continue study judo. Later I became a member of Seoul National University Judo. I continue to study judo and jukkendo at Bunasawa-kai, and serve as one of the instructors.


Seoul National University Judo member
Bunasawa-kai Judo Instructor
Conde Koma Academy Jukkendo Instructor
US Judo Federation Nanka member (So.Cal Judo Black Belt Association)
USA Judo, United States Judo Federation member
USA Judo national referee
United States Judo Association national coach
International Jukkendo Federation Instructor