Jukkendo Founder

Who is founder of JUKKKENDO?

noriJUKKENDO is a new, comprehensive style of Mitsuyo Maeda (Ring name“Conde Koma”) Judo/ Jiu-jitsu founded by the well known Judo/ Jujitsu Master Nori Bunasawa of Japan. Mr. Bunasawa has an extensive background in competition Judo/ Jiu-jitsu/ Aikido and was at one time a Japanese World Judo team member. He is a th 9Dan (Master red belt) in Judo and Jujitsu 10th Dan. Now master Bunasawa combines his extensive knowledge & Conde Koma’s throwing, grappling and submission with the striking arts. His background also includes Boxing, Karate and Kempo. Mr. Bunasawa puts all these techniques together into a new martial art form, called JUKKENDO!! It’s 70% grappling/Submission based with striking. Do not miss the opportunity to combine the dynamic throws, groundwork & Weapon they have begun to master in Judo and leverage them into a form of MMA and self-defense training which can prepare them for any kinds of situations. Students come from all of the world to get in on the action in this new art of JUKKEN DO!! Do not get left behind!


bunaswasaRight: Founder Bunasawa Shihan tries his Kanibasami(Flying Scissors) on former All Japan Judo Champion legend “Kimura Lock” and the one who beat Herio Gracie (Gracie BRA Jiu-Jitsu), Masahiko Kimura 7th Dan and Pro-fighter.