Jukkendo Ranks

How do I earn the Judo /Jukkendo Rank?

ijkf-logo1Jukkendo (Mitsuyo Maeda Self-Defense, MMA) allows you to expand your knowledge beyond your current specialty and cover all three main martial arts fields. If you are well versed in striking and kicking arts such as Karate, Tae-kwon-do, boxing, or kickboxing, you would begin learning take-down techniques from Kukken-Judo. Submission techniques like pins, joint locks, and chocks would come from training in Jukken-Jiujitsu. If your experience is in Judo you would learn Jukken-Jiujitsu and Jukken-Atemi. Whatever your background, there is a set of required techniques from each field for Jukkendo rank, or teacher’s certificate. Once you have a teacher’s certificate, you can teach Jukkendo (Mitsuyo Maeda Self-Defense, MMA) at  your institute or academy and build another program to offer your students.

The Jukkendo International (IJKF) headquarters will support your Jukkendo program. We will send an IJKF certified instructor to your academy or your area to hold a general seminar and conduct testing for ranks or certification clinics. IJKF instructors will follow up and provide additional instruction to improve your technique. For more information:


(International & US. Jukkendo Federation)

Headquarters office:

880 W. 19th St. Costa Mesa #A Ca, 92627 USA

Hombu Dojo

254 Victoria St. Costa Mesa CA 92626 USA




Certifications Program:

1) Black belt certification
2) Black belt Instructor certification
3) Dojo certification
4) Rank certification

How to become a certified black belt?

A person with a valid black belt certification from other martial arts or significant demonstrated experience may apply.

How to become a certified black belt instructor?

Complete the Instructor Certification program and submit the Instructor Registration Form. Face-to-face meeting is necessary.

How to obtain a dojo certification?

Submit a Dojo Registration Form by a certified instructor.

How to obtain a rank certification? 

Complete the Rank Certification program and submit the Rank Registration form. A member of martial arts community may apply.

What do I need to apply?

1. copy of a valid state issued identity card or passport

2. copy of black belt certification from any martial arts or proof of significant demonstrated experience or contribution in martial arts

3. completed application form
What do I get once I am Black Belt Instructor certified?

1. Instructor Certificate
2. Instructor Appointment letter
3. Jukkendo Black Belt

What do I get once my Dojo is certified?

1. Dojo Certificate
2. Dojo Appointment letter
3. Dojo banner

What do I get once I am rank certified?

1. Rank Certification

How can I keep my certificate active?

1. Hold regular local seminars and clinics, and invite Jukkendo officials to your dojo or

2. Continuing Education Program by taking lessons by in-person or online

3. Annual renewal application process