Ken Vanderlip

Ken Vanderlip
Jukkendo Black belt
Judo Black belt

Sensei Ken Vanderlip, PH.D. is a 6th dan Judo blackbelt who has been teaching Judo with Sensei Bunasawa since 1978. Sensei Vanderlip was also an instructor at Orange County Kodokan from 1978 to 1985. Sensei Vanderlip has a total of over 40 years in Judo, as well as a background training in the arts of Tai Chi Chuan, JuJutsu, and Karate. Sensei Vanderlip’s teaching experience also includes teaching woman’s self-defense courses at Golden West College. Some of Sensei Vanderlip’s more notable Judo accomplishments include being a member of the Michigan State University Judo Team which were conference champions in both 1967 and 1968, taking 3rd place at the national championships in 1983, as well as placing in both Nage-no-kata and Katame-no-kata at the United States Judo Senior National Championships in 1994. Most notably, Sensei Vanderlip had the honor of serving as Uke for legendary Judo master Masahiko Kimura in 1981.

In addition to a successful Judo career as a competitor, Sensei Vanderlip has also contributed much to the sport of Judo, including taking responsibility as an assistant tournament director, as well as working the tables as a timekeeper and scorekeeper when needed.

Sensei Vanderlip is a practicing Psychologist specializing in stress management, sports psychology, peak performance, personal growth, and trauma. It’s no surprise that he was asked to present a sports psychologist segment during a Judo coaches clinic at LACC. Sensei Vanderlip has also done a bit of acting. His credits including a staring role in a TV commercial for Olympic Judo in 1984, and playing the role of “Sledge” in the movie Judo Justice.