Nori Bunasawa

Nori Bunasawa
Jukkendo, Founder
Judo, 9th Dan

Sensei Nori Bunasawa is a Japanese Judo champion and a former member of the Japan world team. He also coached the U.S. world team. He is widely known and respected in the Judo community throughout the world for his contribution to Judo. He is a head instructor at Bunasawa-kai, and founded Jukkendo.





Waseda University Judo member
Japanese World Team member (Alternate)
All Japan weight limit Championships, 2nd place
All Tokyo University Champion; 1st place
All Japan University Team Championships; 2nd place
All Tokyo University Team Championships; 1st place
Saitama State Grand Champion; 1st place
1995 U.S. World Team Coach
Bunasawa-kai: Head instructor
Nanka Yudanshakai (So.Cal Black Belt Association):
4th Dan and above Promotion Board Examiner
Jukkendo: Founder

He studied under:

Yoshimi Osawa, 10th Dan Kodokan Judo;
Masahiko Kimura 7th dan, All Japan judo champion
Kenji Tomiki founder of Tomiki Aikido; and
the founders of Jono Goshindo


Sensei Bunasawa has an extensive background in competition Judo/Jujitsu. His background also includes Boxing, Karate, and Kempo.  He combines his extensive knowledge of throwing, grappling and submission with the striking arts. Sensei Bunasawa has put all these techniques together into advanced martial art form, called Jukkendo.







Sensei Bunasawa did a stage show with Bob Hope.



In 1984 he made an Olympic Games ad for ABC television. In 1992, Bunasawa starred in a feature length Hollywood martial arts action comedy, “Judo Justice (Martial Marshal)”, shot on location in rural Oregon. In 2006, he acted in Clint Eastwood’s Academy Award nominated movie; “Letters from Iwojima”. Sensei Bunasawa has participated in many films for TV and cinema. In the process, he’s became the Bruce Lee of Judo.